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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Attack on Glasgow

This is the airport at Glasgow, Scotland where a Jeep crashed into the main terminal. The authorities believe that this vehicle bombing and the two other vehicles that were found in London are linked. Two men were arrested. Five bystanders injured, but not seriously.

There were people screaming and running from the SUV, including one of the assailants. One [assailant] was reported to have poured gasoline under the vehicle and set it on fire after crashing it through the glass doors.

The airport was evacuated and all of the flights were suspended - for how long, we're not sure. Other airports in the UK were also suspending their flights on Saturday. The United States' response was to increase its security in some airports, but not the threat level for now. Expect more security in the airports for a while.

Some links - here and here about the story.

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Saturday, June 23, 2007

This Blog Investigates:Dolphin Donation

Picture taken from photo by H.Lipin

February, 22, 2007, Jack Innis, a columnist of the Log - a boating and fishing newspaper, wrote an article about the donation of the Dolphin. As you know, the Dolphin was on the NAVSEA Donations program website before it disappeared due to "reconstruction" of the website. It still hasn't appeared on the website, however, there is an email address if you would like more information on the ships donation program. I'm not going to spoil what the article says, you'll just have to read it yourself.

I tried to contact NAVSEA and recieved this response to my question about the donation of the Dolphin in June. Their response was "...the Dolphin is on donation hold." .

I was contacted by a reporter from the San Diego Tribune. He wrote an article about the Maritime Museum bidding for the Dolphin. Hopefully, the Dolphin will be docked and open for business in the near future.

Another question arose while researching for this post: Has anyone contacted the Navy League and if so, does any entity want to "sponsor" the Dolphin?

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