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Saturday, July 04, 2009

San Diego Tribune's July 4, 2009 article on USS DOLPHIN's museum commencement

Michael Burge, a staff writer for the Union - Tribune wrote an article entitled "Sub Dolphin surfaces as museum piece". There are several indiscrepancies to this article and I will point them out. Corrections will be in ( parenthesis). Indiscrepancies in red.

"The Dolphin, which was stationed in San Diego from 1968 until its decommissioning two years ago, will officially open to the public today. The vessel was the last of the Navy's diesel-electric subs and served as its submersible laboratory for technology and scientific research

(According to the Navy history site, the USS DOLPHIN was not moored in San Diego until November, 1970. Which would mean that the DOLPHIN was stationed in San Diego 37 years ago.

“The Dolphin does a great job of tying together the relationship the Navy has with San Diego,” Wilde said, noting that San Diego was the Dolphin's home for most of its 44-year service

(The USS DOLPHIN was commissioned in 1968. That would be 39 years. I was a crew member for two tours on USS DOLPHIN that is why I made the corrections.)

Other than that, nice narrative. To read the rest of what Michael Burge wrote, please click on this link ( the link is the original publication).


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