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Saturday, September 23, 2006

I'm choking......back......tears............

Lets have a moment of silence whilst I do some upkeeping on the blog. Until then America..........


The has audio and a film slide show of the Dolphin decommissioning if anyone is interested.

Thanks again to the U-T for this article and slideshow.

Some people have money riding on what happens to the Dolphin after the decommissioning. Others want it as a museum. As we heard through sources, there are two groups who are actively trying to get the Dolphin and make her a museum. But where would you put her? How about back into the San Diego bay right next to the Midway as a floating museum? Heck, I'd go see her!


Webmaster said...

Dear G-Man , greetings from Argentina and the the Latin Submariners Community Site.
This great submarine, It will continue in eternal patrol.
Diesel for Ever.

G-Man said...