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Monday, October 10, 2005

Comments of a Coward?

Here's an exerpt of an article provided by defensewatch that had on their website on or about September 23, 2005. Sorry I'm late with the information.

"..On September 23, 2005, a small, select group of U.S. Navy officers is scheduled to have an opportunity to help make a very important decision that will potentially affect the good order and discipline in the ranks of all our military Services...

On December 6, 2004, Navy Petty Officer Pablo Paredes showed up at the San Diego pier where his amphibious assault ship, the USS Bonhomme Richard, was scheduled to deploy to the Persian Gulf, in a black tee-shirt with white letters that read, "Like a Cabinet Member, I resign." At Paredes' request, there were many media representatives at the pier to report his actions.

Paredes refused to board the ship, thereby missing his scheduled six month deployment, which is a violation of Article 87 of the Uniformed Code of Military Justice (UCMJ): "Any person subject to this chapter who through neglect or design misses the movement of a ship, aircraft, or unit with which he is required in the course of duty to move shall be punished as a court martial may direct."

"I'm going to throw my ID in the water and say that I'm no longer part of the military," said Petty Officer Third Class Pablo Paredes, 23. "I want to make a statement, and I want it to be heard."

Paredes was tried and convicted at a Special Court Martial on May 11, 2005. Paredes was sentenced to a reduction to the lowest rank, two months' restriction to a navy base, and three months of hard labor. The sentence fell short of the government prosecutors' recommendation of nine months' confinement, a bad-conduct discharge, reduction to seaman recruit, and forfeiture of pay and benefits. The maximum punishment for violating Article 87 of the UCMJ is a dishonorable discharge, forfeiture of all pay and allowances, and confinement for two years..."

Yes Pablo, they did hear you.
Unfortunately, in my opinion, this was a slap on the wrist.

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