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Friday, September 02, 2005

USNS Mercy Heading ?

Heard on the television that the USNS MERCY" was headed toward the hurricane ravaged areas of Louisiana and Mississippi to help the locals. They will depart around September 7th.On the local NBC news affiiate, they also mentioned that the Mercy was/is drydocked in San Francisco. Depending on their readiness status, it would take the minimum of a day and a half to get out of drydock - about 36 hours. According to sources, it would take approximately 5 to 7 days (we're not being exact here) to get to the Gulf. If they are in San Francisco, tack on another day to that estimation.

So, if there is any relief in site, it will be in mid september (a guestimation). Just hoping for the best. But there is good news - her sister ship, the USNS Comfort is also heading in the same direction. Here's the link to The Gazette for more information on the USNS Comfort's deployment.

Update: September 2

Ah ha. The press isn't always correct in their information. Shame on them for not researching and shame on me for listening to them! The Comfort will be deployed while the Mercy will not. This is coming from the Military Sealift Command or MSC. Sure hope they have all the supplies and other stuff they need, its gonna be a long journey for everyone. God Speed you guys.

Update: September 7

Well, just for verification purposes, I contacted MSC via email and recieved this response:
"Actually it is USNS Comfort that will be deployed (to learn more, visit

USNS Mercy is berthed in San Diego and has not been ordered to activate. USNS Mercy deployed to Southeast Asia last January in response to the Dec. 26 tsunami for a six-month humanitarian relief mission..."

Looking forward to updating on the relief efforts soon...


USNS COMFORT returned to Baltimore on October 13th, 2005. To read the additional press release go here.

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McRubble said...

It's nice to know somebody checks their facts before reporting nowadays..Keep up the good work!