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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Whats This?

Found this picture on NAV LOG. Anyone know where it was taken and whats on the sub? Click on this link to find out - but beware, its a long read.
Figured it out yet?


Anonymous said...

I don't know where or what about the picture. My dad was a Chief Electrician on the Boat when it was commissioned at Portsmouth. His name was Ken Rowe, he passed away last year. I remember watching her being built. In the evenings I would often go with Dad to the shipyard, it was my playground sort of, used to fish off the pier in Piscataqua River. Those were great days watching them weld the hull together and other such things. Recently spoke with Dick Abbott, he was the oringinal EX-O. Those were good days, I remember them well.

G-Man said...

Well, we're sorry about your father passing.

Anonymous said...

Without reading the story it looks like off Honolulu and it looks like an SDV (Swimmer Delivery Vehicle), but that is an old timers guess.