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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Navy seeks new owner for San Diego sub. aka "USS DOLPHIN"

Based on a February 2, 2007 article in the news, the mighty USS DOLPHIN AGSS-555 may be saved from a torpedo exercise ( thank god!). There is a couple of other news articles reporting the same thing. This blog will be reporting
the latest on this great news as it pans out. I hope to be stepping on board "USS DOLPHIN" once again soon. Perhaps I will be giving tours as a volunteer? The listed article is from "". If I had a few million dollors I would take "Dolphin" under my wing myself.

Here is the link to what I read myself. Here's the NAVSEA Navy Ship Donation Program site as well.
The other articles basically said the same. I have a straight board. Going to dive into some sleep.


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