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Monday, August 22, 2005

Read this article on your day off.

Looks like Jeff Edwards of "" has posted some dry but interesting readings. I believe that there is evidence of WMD, but Saddam was very good in hiding it. Mass graves are discovered in Iraq from time to time and eventually a cache of WMD. Beyond the WMD is a long list of reasons why we should be in Iraq. Hats off to the Americans that see how important it is to be in Iraq.

The picture is a rare one ( really) so sub photo collectors be sure to cut/copy this one.

Here is the USS DOLPHIN AGSS-555 coming in to it's special pier at "SPAWAR" or to some of you retired folk, "NRAD". Next to the "Dolphin" pier is where US Navy seals get their mammal dolphins trained for underwater bomb and mine detection. David

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